He Barça bowed (79-72) this Friday to Real Madrid on the fifth day of the Euroleague held at the Palau, a clearly Barça classic from a greater aggressiveness and intention to take a step forward in the project of Conversation Jasikevicius, leaving the eternal rival touched in his bad European way.

The Barça won the Classical hitting first (50-29 at the beginning of the second part) and enduring the forced awakening of pride of a Madrid that with Sergio Llull fought for the comeback. Those of ‘Saras’, without Mirotic due to the coronavirus and the lack of approval by Euroleague until the last minute, they won and sand convinced of what they can do, with 4-1 in the reverse table to Madrid.

Barça was the team that Saras wants, that competes, that is aggressive, lives every play and more if it is a Classic. After feeling disappointed in the last defeat and with more results than I play in Europe, the coach managed to see a great version of the project that asks for titles again in Barcelona and on a big night.

The azulgrana box bit like few times in recent years to its greatest rival. He won the game from defense and with energy and quality in attack, in a perfect first half. Sergi Martínez gathered the confidence of his coach, the most used in the Palau, being key in the last plays, Calathes Y Davies they made a good couple again and Kuric Y Higgins they gave points.

A choral performance very distant from that of a Madrid that still does not meet the level of many key players such as Rudy, Randolph –that he hardly played–, Taylor or even Llull, author of seven points and almost a mandarin who could change the game at the last minute. The local defense was good both in the paint, Tavares was not seen, and in perimeter. Barça left Madrid with 14 points in 10 minutes, with Build leading that pressure.

Davies Yes he won on the inside and the doubts that could exist before the game were for him Madrid. The local but were the triples, although with a success in 17 minutes, Barça was able to dominate and put 18 up (43-25). The point of greatest intensity was not taken by Madrid either from Campazzo, which was short-lived due to fouls, while those of Saras They kept biting, with many aids in defense and dominating on the rebound.

Kuric started the breakaway and 30-13 of the second quarter. Laso’s anger at the break should not have been small. The bad start to the season was confirmed the same day that a clean slate could be made. The white reaction came in the third quarter, with more minutes of Campazzo and Taylor’s contribution. Thus, Madrid managed to bring down the disadvantage to 10 (60-50) to return some emotion to the crash, but still short of resources.

The Argentine base, getting closer to the NBA, did not finish exploding and neither did Madrid find Tavares, the two pieces that hold him right now. Sergi Martínez appeared with a vital triple and with the actions that counteracted Llull’s rebellion to a fate that does not look good for the whites.