New mess between FC Barcelona Y Neymar. According to ‘El Mundo’, the Barça club demands 10 million euros from the Brazilian, which they overpaid for having miscalculated taxes.

The figure, a total of 10.2 million, is deduced from the calculations made by the finance technicians that they notified that Barça had not made the appropriate withholdings corresponding to the 2015 fiscal year.

The club paid a higher gross than that corresponded to the Brazilian, therefore beneficiary of a “unjust enrichment”, as explained in the aforementioned newspaper information.

If the situation is not regularized, the Treasury will understand that the amount is a donation from Barcelona to the player. That is why Barça has already imposed the corresponding claim for overpayment.

This is the umpteenth economic conflict between Neymar and the Catalan club since their sporting lives separated three years ago. Since his departure, at the same time that the litigation has occurred, there has been a intention that the Brazilian returned to the Barcelona entity.