The last Sunday, Gareth Bale was finally back to wear the Tottenham shirt in an official match. After his arrival in September, an injury had taken him off the pitch until now, and he was able to make his debut for the London team again in an epic London derby against West Ham that ended 3-3… and that you will soon want to forget.

A stormy debut for the Welshman who did not bring the best of luck for his team. The Spurs were winning 3-0 from minute 16 of the game, with goals from Son and KaneSo, with the match already on track, they entered their brand new signing of the year in the 72nd minute.

However, the ‘hammers’ seemed to be activated and the chances for the visiting team began to arrive, also giving entry to reinforcement players and who ended up being their great hero, Manuel Lanzini, who entered in 77 ‘and was barely 20 minutes on the field.

David Moyes’s men began to close the gap with a goal from Fabián Valbuena in 82 ‘followed by the arrival of a both at Davinson Sánchez’s own door four minutes later to give excitement to the game.

Own Bale had in his boots in the 92nd minute the opportunity to put distance again with his rivals but rejected the action. A great dribble to get rid of Antonio and stand against the goalkeeper, but he ended up sending the ball out.

Just two minutes later, Lanzini dynamited the game with a real goal. A right hand from 35 meters away that, despite the fact that Lloris tries to deflect it, entered the right squad touching the crossbar and sealing the distribution of points.

A debut for a Bale who will have another chance to redeem himself with Tottenham next Thursday in the Europa League match against LASK, and on Monday 26th in the Premier, against Burnley. Of course, the Welshman will hope he will not have to wait 25 games to win with the Spurs, as he had in his first stage at White Hart Lane.