Just a few days ago Gareth Bale signed his return to Tottenham and your agent, Jonathan Barnett, he lacked time to charge against him Real Madrid. Barnett gave an interview to BBC Radio 4 in which, in addition to lash out at the white setHe stated that “I hope he never comes back.”

The Welsh footballer’s agent is confident that the issue of returning to Madrid will not arise “because” he will be so successful at Tottenham will want to stay and the rest will be a simple deal. “In addition, he explained that” I am sure that if things really worked well, we would not have any problem with that Bale continued in the Spurs for the next season.

Barnett stressed that “this is the club you want to play for. I do not see any problem if you want to continue another year, “he said.

Of course, Bale has left on loan and has one more year of contract with Real Madrid, so his continuity in the London team is subject to an agreement between both clubs.

In any case, Barnett hopes that Bale will “regain his love for soccer and play the way you can, but it depends on him “and he pointed out that in his seven years at Madrid” he has achieved more than any other British footballer abroad, so I think it’s okay. “

Barnett lamented that Bale “was not treated as you deserve someone who has done so much for a great club. I think things were bad “and when asked why he said:” It is difficult to point out, but I believe that someone who has achieved what he has achieved for a club in seven years should have been treated better“In addition, he did not hesitate to point out that” for all that he has achieved, Real Madrid should kiss wherever Gareth steps”.

The agent also threw a dart at the Madrid fans, considering that “I think that what the fans did it was a shame and the club didn’t help. That’s all I really want to get into. “