Bahrain’s political prisoners appeal to Hamilton

Three citizens of Bahrain, who believe that human rights are being violated in their country, and consider themselves to be victims of the regime, appealed to Lewis Hamilton with a request to somehow respond to the situation in this Middle Eastern island state.

London-based newspaper The Guardian has a copy of a letter received by the seven-time world champion praising his anti-racism and human rights calls, and therefore believes that he can make them heard by a wider audience.

“Perhaps together we can bring about the changes necessary to ensure that every citizen of Bahrain can be proud of the national Grand Prix,” writes one of the authors of the appeal.

In addition, Hamilton is offered to meet with the same victims as they are, during his stay in Bahrain, where in the next two weekends will be held two stages of the World Cup.

Also this week, 30 British MPs, along with representatives of a number of human rights organizations, sent a letter to Chase Carey, the executive director of Formula 1, calling for attention to the situation in Bahrain. The authorities of this kingdom responded in their own way to the appeal, rejecting all accusations of violations of human rights and the use of sports to improve the country’s reputation.

Hamilton has not yet responded to the authors of the letter, which, in particular, says that he can state his position if he puts on a T-shirt with words in support of Bahraini political prisoners.

Due to the riots that took place in Bahrain in the spring of 2011, the Formula 1 race was already canceled once, but returned to the calendar in 2012, although even then the echo of those events was felt, and not all teams were happy to return to this country.


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