Bad news for Donald Trump: Joe Biden’s lead among Florida Hispanics widens

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The Democratic nominee leads the president by three points in a new poll on voting intention in the state. Among Latinos the difference is 56% compared to 41%, greater than that of 15 days ago.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden takes a three point lead to President Donald Trump in a new poll on voting intention in Florida and among Hispanics the difference is 56% compared to 41%, greater than 15 days ago.

The St. Pete Polls poll for Florida Politics, which has a margin of error of +/- 1.8 points, gives 50% support to Biden, 47% to Trump and less than 2% to other candidates.

Only 2% of the 2,906 potential voters in Florida interviewed on September 22 have not decided who to vote for in the crucial November 3 election.

Significantly, among the independents (Those who are not registered as voters of the Republican or Democratic Party), former Vice President Biden leads President Trump by seven points.

One of the changes appreciated in this survey is that for the first time Biden is the preferred candidate among men, something that was previously only among women.

About 49% of men say they would vote for Democrat if the election were today, compared to 47% who would choose Trump.

Florida Politics noted that there have been no changes compared to another poll conducted on September 7 and 8 on the distribution of voting intentions between the two main candidates if the general population is taken into account, but among Hispanics support for Biden has grown, since in the previous one it was 54% versus 42%.

Biden performed last week his first field visit to Florida, where he participated in two events in Tampa and Kissimee, near Orlando, the first with ex-combatants and the second with Hispanics and Puerto Ricans in particular. Her running mate, Kamala Harris, was in Miami previously for an event with the African-American community.

Among Florida whites Trump is the most supportive (51% / 47%), but among African Americans Biden has 84% support and the president only 10%.

This time, respondents were also asked if they preferred that the appointment of who will fill the vacant seat left in the US Supreme Court by the death of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg be made after the elections or now as Trump wants . 47% were inclined to postpone it, 45% to proceed now.

The biggest difference in favor of Biden is between those who are less than 50 years old. 54% support him compared to 42% who do for Trump.

Younger voters in the US electorate are increasingly supporting Biden in his run for the White House, according to the latest opinion polls.

Voters under 40 view the 77-year-old Democrat more favorably than they did earlier this year, and now they are even more likely to elect him over Trump.

This was revealed by a new analysis of this month’s survey NBC News/The Wall Street Journal. September data shows that 38% of voters who are Gen Z (18-23) or Millennials (24-39) have positive views of Biden, compared to 40% who have opinions. negative.

Source: EFE and ANSA



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