Bad news for Boca: Wanchope Ábila was torn and loses two matches of the Copa Libertadores

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It was known that it could happen. That sooner or later, after six months of inactivity, some player was going to get injured. The problem is when. Because Miguel Ángel Russo believed that he had all his squad available to face Boca’s game, this Thursday, against Libertad, in the re-release of the Copa Libertadores. And five days before getting on the plane it was confirmed that Ramón Abila suffers from a tear that will sideline him from the courts for about three weeks.

The club’s professional soccer Medical Department, headed by Dr. Ruben Argemi, reported that Wanchope suffered a “Grade 2 muscle injury in the anterior rectus of the left thigh”.

And although the report does not speak of deadlines, it is a fact that, at least, the next two meetings of the Xeneize in the Cup: that of 17 against Ramón Díaz’s team in Nueva Olla and that of 24 against DIM, in Medellín.

When could the scorer reappear? One possibility is that he will return on the 29th in La Bombonera, already for the fourth date of Group H, although it will be necessary to see how it evolves and if he is in a position to play 18 days after suffering the injury, when it is advisable to be 21.

Ábila had been doing great physical work since Russo’s arrival. She had started a strict diet, which had allowed her to lose several kilos and during the pandemic she had trained to full to get to the start of the competition in the best possible way.

But the karma of muscle injuries continues to haunt him and now he will have to stop again. Boca, to top it all, was about to send Walter Bou to Defense and Justice.



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