The Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny has gone through all the security measures and the coronavirus itself to offer a concert to his fans and It has done it thanks to technology and for everything great: in New York, broadcast live and on the roof of a moving truck.

This Sunday the Big Apple saw its traffic altered, at times paralyzed, by a truck full of lights and equipped with speakers and cameras. Above, Bad Bunny giving a concert of almost two hours, that almost a million fans could follow all over the world, thanks to the fact that it was broadcast for free and live.

The NYPD escorted the singer, who performed all of his greatest hits, while a small crowd tried to follow to the vehicle.

And as in the best concerts of yesteryear, it featured guest stars, such as Sech and J Balvin. When finished, the singer did not hesitate to get off the truck and sign autographs for the fans gathered in the area.

Social networks have filled with videos of surprised passersby and fans who came across the show and did not hesitate to immortalize it and upload it to the internet.