Background | The Xbox Series X and S are coming: here are the differences

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After a summer of speculation, Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed the arrival of the Xbox Series X and S on November 10. With just one other letter, there are still significant differences between the two brand new game consoles. We list the most important ones.

The Series S is a lot cheaper

Firstly, the Series S is more than half the size of the Series X. It is not without reason that Microsoft also calls the S “the smallest Xbox ever”. This makes the game console a lot cheaper than its big brother: 299 dollars (about 252 euros) against 499 dollars. It is not yet clear what the exact price will be in euros.

The Series S is completely in line with the strategy of the Xbox One, the previous generation. After some time, Microsoft also released a budget model of this game console, namely the Xbox One S.

One of the biggest differences is that the Series S has no disc tray. This makes it fully digital and therefore somewhat more limited in terms of storage space. This means that you as a user are dependent on the Microsoft Store. The tech giant is probably steering in the direction of the Xbox Game Pass: a kind of Netflix for games in the cloud.

The S Series console comes standard with 512 gigabytes. With that you can only play a few games offline. The X Series, on the other hand, has 1 terabyte of storage, which is about twice that. Incidentally, both game consoles can be supplemented with a Seagate SSD of 1 terabyte. It is not yet known what that will cost.

Although the processing power of the processor and the clock speed do not differ much, so that they calculate about the same speed, the S does sacrifice a lot of graphics processing power compared to the X. The S supports a maximum of 1440p resolution – the X about 4K .

Incidentally, the S is therefore a nice improvement over the Xbox S One, which supports 1080p image. In practice, however, the X will display the most beautiful graphics.

Can you play the same games on the X and S? Yes, you can play all next-generation games on both consoles. Although it is very likely that the games look a bit better on the X because of the graphics processing power. A number of well-known titles: Halo Infinite, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Battlefield 6, FIFA 21 in Resident Evil 8.

That of course depends on your wishes. For the devoted gamer it will be a difference of day and night. Still, both the X and the S promise to be sturdy game consoles on which you can play all new generation games.

The S is a lot more affordable, while the X is a math monster with nicer graphics. With 4K resolution, the X may also be slightly more future-proof for the generation of games that will succeed the current one. Keep in mind that you cannot play already purchased games on disc on the S.



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