Bach, IOC boss: Playing is a great idea

Thomas Bach (chairman of the International Olympic Committee) is delighted that the Olympics are finally starting after months of uncertainty. The German views it as a reward of hard work.

“Over the last 15 months, we have had many decisions to be made on uncertain ground. Each day we had doubts. “We deliberated and discussed,” Bach said in Tokyo Tuesday.

“There were sleepless night after night. This was difficult for us, and it was even harder for me. To allow the Games to take place, we had confidence in our ability to find a way to get out of this crisis.

Bach and IOC have been subject to more pressure lately, due to positive corona tests at the Olympic village. Despite this, the IOC boss is optimistic as the opening ceremony nears.

He said, “We finally can see the light at the end the dark tunnel.” Cancellation was not an option. The IOC is never slow to help athletes. We did it for them.


Notable measures in Tokyo include spitting and tracking apps, as well as private taxis.

Bach will meet with the Emperor Thursday

According to Japanese news agencies, Bach will KyodoThursday was the day that the Japanese Emperor Naruhito will be meeting the Games’ opening ceremony. The opening will also be attended by the Emperor.

The ceremony will remain sober. The strict corona regulations mean that there will be no public presence. All athletes must follow the rules.

The Games’ opening ceremony will take place on Friday at 1 pm Dutch time. The Games are the biggest sporting event in the world and last until August 8.



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