Less than a year old Sofi-daughter is still Laura arffmanin and Anssi Pentsisen pupil. Soon, though, Sofi gets to learn about life as a big sister, as Arffman’s Instagram update says the family will grow next winter.

– Of course the pregnancy feels good and really exciting. After all, this is somewhat of a surprise – if now at this age there can be no more surprises, Arffman, who has been reached on holiday, laughs on the phone.

– Anssik is really happy too. He received the information much more relaxed than I did. But maybe it’s because she doesn’t have to be pregnant again quickly.

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There are a lot of parents of young children in Arffman’s immediate circle. Compared to many others, he realizes he has achieved little for both Sofi and now another child.

– I can’t really complain about anything because I’m really fine. I just hope that everything continues to go the same way.

Time on the edge of the sandbox has taught Arffman how much equality work still needs to be done in Finland. Conversations with other mothers have opened up a whole new world for a journalist in a secure employment relationship.

– Women are going on a huge back trip to family vacations. Unfortunately, one often hears stories of how mothers are still being abused today, Arffman, who has just returned to work, recalls.

According to him, we all have a responsibility for the correctional movement in society.

– Someone may have lost all holidays on parental leave. Someone else has heard how his deputy has been established for the job and no similar job can be found for himself. One mother noticed that the former subordinate had risen above the chain of command above her, Arffman says.

He knows that the situation of previous generations was certainly even worse. But the pace of change has been far too slow.

– I am disappointed and embarrassed that Finnish society in 2020. I would never have thought that these stories would hear this much.

– It seems insane to have had different working groups for decades, but despite this, structural inequality seems so severe.

Arffman says he now has a much better understanding of women who are afraid to be on maternity leave for fear of their own job.

– Or that decision is prolonged when you consider whether a career can be put aside. Many think about it seriously.

– There is still a lot of work to be done to return to work flexibly and to combine work and motherhood. You should still choose to work or be at home, which is very old-fashioned compared to Sweden, for example, he says.

In recent years, solutions have been considered in Finland for distorting the seemingly daunting service relationship. One solution could be to meet the needs of families with children.

– There is a lot of talk about the decline in birth rates, and at least this does not help. I hope women dare to raise grievances and talk about these things.

There is other great news in Arffman’s life besides pregnancy. He has written a book about his late friend Mona-Liisa Nousiainen. Gummerus will publish the book on the last day of this month.