AZ goalkeeper Bizot through the dust after blunders: ‘I can’t reach it’

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AZ goalkeeper Marco Bizot went through the dust on Sunday after his dramatic performance against Sparta Rotterdam. Partly due to his three big errors, the Alkmaarders gave up a 0-4 lead over Het Kasteel (4-4) in the second half.

‘I’m really fed up with this’

“The second half was terrible”, Bizot was clearly talking to after the spectacular game FOX Sports. “We played a fantastic first half and assumed it was finished, but then there was a second half like that at the end. Unbelievable, I can’t really get to it yet.”

Bizot will not forget the first mistake in particular. The goalkeeper prepared the ball to take a goal kick and gave it a tap, making it appear as if he had restarted play. As Spartans stormed towards him, he decided to take the ball in his hands. In the ensuing indirect free kick, Abdou Harroui made it 1-4.

“I don’t fully understand it myself”, Bizot looked back on his crazy action. “I had the intention of stopping the ball on the five-meter line and taking the goal kick. Then I tapped the ball, which made it look like I had taken it to the ref. I didn’t. I thought: what happens? here? This cannot be done at all and is not logical. “

Marco Bizot’s agony came to an end two minutes before time due to his red card. (Photo: Pro Shots)

With the 2-4 in the 64th minute, Bizot was not well in his goal, so he saw Dirk Abels’ long shot disappear into the short corner. Two minutes before the end, the keeper caused a penalty and got his second yellow card after a rude foul, after which Lennart Thy made the 3-4 from 11 meters.

“I could have prevented the 2-4 and with the 3-4 it turned out that everything went against the grain”, said the guilty Bizot, who saw off the field that Sven Mijnans completed the comeback in the final minute by signing the equalizer in Rotterdam. . AZ is therefore still without a victory after three league matches.

“It is very clear because of me that we did not win here. It is a shame and I hate it. There is only one thing I can do and that is work even harder to make sure this does not happen again. Because this shouldn’t happen, period. “

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