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Prometheus celebrated in Bursa its first victory in the Eurocup, with 84-93 against Bursaspor, having excellent percentages in two points (15/28), three points (15/34), while counting 19 assists for 9 errors. Great protagonists for the Greek team are Miller (27 points) and Giannopoulos (17 points).

Prometheus did not start well and easily accepted baskets in the bad defense that his players played in their basket, since the Turks also took the rebounds and came to lead 5-0 and 10-3. At the same time, Makis Giatras’ players scored from the three-pointer, scoring their first nine of the 11 points outside the 6.75 line, as they could not put the ball correctly in the opponent’s basket.

This changed with the entry of Vangelis Mantzaris, who started handing out assists to his teammates and in 19-8 it became a series of 19-13. Bursaspor responded with two three-pointers and reached 25-13. There, spoke the experience of Patras, who starred Christodoulou made a series of 13-0 until the end of the first period and reached 25-26, with their supporters Giannopoulos and Miller.

James made it 25-28 at the start of the second period, but Bursaspor’s two consecutive three-pointers brought 31-28 for the Turks. Mantzaris gave the impetus for a 4-0 series of Prometheus players and in 31-33 and now the lead began to alternate steadily for the two opponents, who had found the solutions in the two baskets starring Batuk and Miller respectively.

Newman took the “baton” in scoring for the Turks, but at 39-39 Prometheus made a series of 4-0 and led 39-43 and with Miller’s three-pointer 41-46 to complete the halftime 43-46.

Prometheus managed to keep the +5 at the beginning of the third period, but there the two three-pointers of Giannopoulos and Miller brought the 45-56. The American forward brought the 45-57 and now the team from Patras started “bombarding” from the three-pointer for 47-60. Toure starred in a 5-0 series of Bursaspor, which reduced to 52-60 and with a new series of 4-0 Bursaspor reduced to 56-62. Agravanis and Christodoulou with two consecutive three-pointers brought 56-65 and 59-68 for Prometheus at the end of the thirty minutes.

Prometheus kept +7 to +10 at the beginning of the fourth period, having found the solutions from Radisevic at this point and against the effort of Touren who kept the team of Bursa in the match. At 64-75, Patras started to be inactive and had bad offensive options in the periphery, when they gave the opportunity to Bursaspor to make an 8-0 series and reduce to 72-75 with many solutions.

Giannopoulos gave the impetus for the 5-0 series and 74-82, with him having 5/7 and Prometheus a total of 50% from 6.75, as well as few mistakes. Mantzaris was sent off with five fouls. Agravanis made it 74-83 with one shot, but Arslan’s big three-pointer brought 77-83. Agbelese with an indirect three-pointer made it 77-86 and essentially ended the “modest ceremony”, which ended in 84-93 with the accurate shots of Patras.


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