Ziegler plays the role of a nonverbal teenager, described by Sia as a teenager with special abilities.

Hudson is Zu, a free-spirited, addicted alien to her own family, who finds herself in the position of being the only protector of her step-sister, played by Ziegler.

An online petition calling for the cancellation of the film’s launch was launched on Friday and was signed by more than 500 people by Tuesday afternoon.

She was initiated by Hannah Marshall, who identifies herself as a woman with autism in North Carolina.

“As an individual with autism, I demand that this film be canceled,” Variety was quoted as saying. “It is extremely offensive to me and other autistic individuals. Sia has shown that she has no remorse for the inaccurate and painful betrayal of the community. “

The text continues: “This film will not have a major impact on history. Its cancellation will express the fact that intolerance towards neurodiversity is unacceptable in today’s society. Sia and her associates have other means of financing; they will survive even if this movie doesn’t make money. “

Criticism of the film came after the trailer released on November 19. Sia responded to them for several hours on social networks. Activists asked her for explanations for using the phrase “special abilities” instead of “disability” for people with autism, for playing a neurotypical actor in the lead role, and for using her privilege to make a community-centered film. .

Sia said she had worked with people with autism spectrum disorders and those close to them and tried to work with “a beautiful nonverbal young woman until she found the project unpleasant and stressful.”

“The film is both a declaration of love for the people who care for them and for the community. I have my own unique vision of the community, I felt that it is insufficiently represented and forced to make the film. If that makes me shit, I’m shit, but my intentions are wonderful, “said the singer.

The movie “Music” is scheduled to be released in February 2021.