The Qatari government says the authorities behind the intimate medical examination did not follow normal procedures and the matter has been transferred to prosecution.

A newborn baby was found in the toilet at Doha Airport, the capital of Qatar, in early October. When the authorities noticed the abandoned child, they decided to order female passengers at the airport for an inspection to find the mother.

Airport authorities investigated the women who went on a total of ten different flights by stripping them naked and examining their wombs and lower abdomen with a view to finding out if any of them had recently given birth.

Citizens of Britain, New Zealand and Australia were also surveyed. The Guardianin according to the case came to light when Australian travelers told the media about it.

“Urgent decision”

Australia, in particular, strongly criticized the airport authorities ’conduct, and now the Qatari government has admitted that the decision to conduct the investigation was flawed.

– The situation is the first of its kind at an airport that has served tens of millions of passengers without any problems. What has happened is in complete conflict with Qatari culture and values, the government press release says.

The government apologized for the invasion of privacy by female passengers. According to it, the intimate investigation was a “hasty decision” aimed at finding a mother who had abandoned her child’s toilet as trash.