Author Jari Tervo, 61, has made an update on Twitter about his writer wife Kati Tervon, 66, for well. In August, Kati Tervo said on Twitter that she had an operation at Töölö Hospital, where the tumor was removed from the spinal cord. The tumor was found in June.

– As the disease progressed, I would have taken me in a wheelchair. Recovery is progressing with a rollator, Kati Tervo said at the time.

Now Jari Tervo says on Twitter that his wife’s recovery is progressing.

– Kati walks at home from time to time without a rollator. Maybe we’ll soon be able to move the hand plunger in the yard. Life wins, dear, Jari Tervo writes.

He has added the #toipilas topic tag to the encouraging update.

You can see below the post or from here.

Already in August, Kati Tervo said that she would give herself a long sick leave and the time and peace she needed to recover.

Tervo has worked as a library assistant, librarian and computer scientist in several different libraries and archives. He has written six works, the most recent of which appeared last year: Red pot – The delight of cooking and eating. Kati Tervo is the wife of a writer, television face Jari Tervo. The couple has a son in common.