Australian police arrest 14 suspects for child pornography

Australian police have arrested fourteen suspects for sharing self-filmed child pornography, police wrote in a Wednesday press release. The men are suspected of abusing at least 46 Australian babies and children. According to the police, this is an “unprecedented case”. Among the detainees are an amateur football coach and a childcare worker.

More suspects detained this year

The fourteen suspects are between 20 and 48 years old. They have been detained for creating and sharing child pornography on online networks within Australia and abroad. Those arrested lived in three different states, including New South Wales. Together they are charged with 828 sexual offenses.

According to the police, the childcare worker used his work to reach thirty children. He shared it with his partner, who also participated in the abuse. The 27-year-old man is charged with more than 300 sex offenses.

“No child should be abused by people in their lives whom they trust, whether they be family members, childcare workers or football coaches,” said investigative leader Christopher Woods in the press release.

The arrests are the result of a major investigation called Operation Arkstone, which involved collaboration with the US Department of Homeland Security, among others. In June, nine Australian suspects were arrested and fourteen victims of abuse were identified thanks to this operation.

At Operation Very, another investigation into child abuse, 44 Australians were arrested in October for making and possessing child pornography. Sixteen children were taken to safety.



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