After breastfeeding, an Australian vegan couple fed their child food made from vegetable-based powders and coconut water themselves. This already happened in 2018, but the case has been brought to justice this week.

The child suffered from such severe malnutrition that he suffered permanent brain damage, according to a trial in Victoria, Australia, writes

For legal reasons, the names of the parents have not been made public.

When doctors told parents that their child’s diet was not nutritious enough, parents sought help from an alternative medicine website. Visits to the doctor were stopped.

Recourse to alternative medicine

A week before the child was finally taken to the hospital, the 34-year-old father had inquired from the U.S. “Vegetable Club” for instructions.

– My one year old no longer wants to drink or eat. If something goes down, it doesn’t stay in the stomach and he starts coughing. What can I do to help her keep food inside and drink? Answer ASAP.

A vegetarian expert suggested a “stomach tea” instead of urging parents to seek medical help.

Eventually, the child was rushed to the hospital where he was in the intensive care unit for a month. Doctors found that the child had internal bleeding, had blood in the stool, bruises, open wounds, and the skin was abnormally colored.

Daughter now in mother’s notice

The couple admitted in court that they had caused serious injuries to their child.

They escaped from prison, but were ordered to do community service. The court also ordered both parents to receive mental health care.

The couple has since divorced and now the three-year-old girl is living with her mother. According to the law, a mother shows “dedication and care to her daughter”. She is also in regular contact with healthcare professionals.

– The girl is facing a difficult and challenging life, said the judge Claire Quin.