Australia alerts sailors for the 380 dead whales

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The Australian authorities have warned of the danger to navigation posed by the 380 pilot whales killed on the west coast of Tasmania, as they prepare this Friday to dispose of the bodies.

“We alert the sailors that the whale carcasses in the Macquarie Bay they can be carried away by the current and the wind and can create danger to navigation, “the marine safety agency of Tasmania, an island-state in South Australia, said on its Facebook page.

Rescue work

The authorities are considering various ways to get rid of the large number of corpses of these long-finned pilot whales (“Globicephala melas”), which can measure up to 6.7 meters and weigh 2.5 tons, although the most viable option seems to take them offshore.

The biggest problems are the risk they can pose for navigation And they also attract predators like sharks, which is a danger to people.

After days of intense work, rescue teams are working around the clock to save a score of live whales of the 488 that were trapped in the sand at Macquarie, Australia’s largest ever stranding

According to data from the authorities, a total of 88 whales have been rescued, mainly dragging them into deeper waters with boats.

They keep the hopes

Local authorities indicated yesterday that they had to sacrifice four cetaceans to avoid further suffering, after they were saved and returned to beach in shallow areas near the beach.

The rescue teams they remain optimistic and assure that as long as the remaining whales are alive and in the water, there is hope although with the passage of time they are depleted and their chances of survival diminish.

These cetaceans are animals with a strong family bondTherefore, many die during stranding due to the stress caused by being separated from the group, while others do so due to fatigue or lack of oxygen due to not being able to move.

Environmental tragedy

Is environmental tragedy It began earlier this week when authorities sighted the first 270 pilot whales, while another 200 were found dead Wednesday between 7 and 10 kilometers apart.

It is not the first time that a multitude of pilot whales have been stranded in the tasmanian beachesespecially in Macquarie Bay, where the last massive incident occurred a decade ago when about 200 were trapped and since 1935, the number has risen to more than 1,100.

The largest recorded stranding in the world occurred in 1918 when about 1,000 pilot whales were trapped in the Chatham Islands, in southeastern New Zealand. The long-finned pilot whales, or common cauldrons, are a protected species of cetacean belonging to the dolphin family and are not considered threatened.

Although there are no official figures, it is estimated that there are 200,000 copies of pilot whales long-finned distributed in the North Atlantic and in the southern ocean waters bordering Antarctica.



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