Based on viewer and expert estimates, the last U.S. presidential election debate appears to have been smoother than the first debate.

News channel commissioned by CNN pikagallupin according to Democrat Joe Bide in the 53-39 chapter. However, the verdict was harsher than the last time, as after the first debate, the CNN poll readings in favor of Biden ranged from 60 to 28.

73% of respondents said they considered Biden’s criticism of Donald Trump to be justified. For Trump, the corresponding figure was 50 percent. On the contrary, after the first debate, as many as 67 percent of respondents to CNN’s poll said Trump’s criticism was unfounded.

On Friday morning, Trump shared the results of the Finnish time on Twitter in various Twitter polls, where his victory in the debate seemed crushing. However, due to methodological shortcomings, social media surveys cannot be considered as reliable as official polls.

Son of the President Eric Trump also shared a picture on Twitter of a poll about Fox News, where the audience favorite was Trump reading 74-24.

“The bar was low”

Debate with the hostesses NBC-kanavan experts interviewed say Biden won the debate, but not by a significant difference. Political and communications scholars give Biden an American school grade of B +, B, and B + for the debate, with the best grade being A + and the worst F.

Trump is rated B, C, and B by NBC experts. Experts say Trump improved his performance more than the last debate, although Biden’s arguments were still more effective than them.

– The bar was very low, one of the experts points out, referring to the last debate.

According to one of the experts, Trump did not appear to be a true self, which he considered successful, however. At the same time, he points out that Biden also avoided the rumbles that Trump supporters expected by “rubbing their hands”.

Kelly would freak out

U.S. public figures have also commented extensively on the debate. Among others, Actors Alyssa Milano and Mark Ruffalo praised Biden’s performance on social media.

Perhaps a slightly more surprising estimate was heard by the television reporter I’m leaving Kelly.

– Trump easily won this debate. Biden wasn’t strong at all. Trump was factual, punctual, and restrained. She definitely helped herself when it was most needed, Kelly tweeted.

Kelly gained a lot of publicity in 2015 when he challenged Trump about his derogatory comments about women in a Republican pre-election debate. Trump said he considered the curiosity inappropriate and commented that in the argument, Kelly “had blood dripping from his eyes and he knew where,” which was considered a sexist reference to the woman’s menstrual cycle. Trump also completely abstained from the subsequent debate because Kelly was again the presenter.

Kelly’s opening was also seen as a turning point in the me too scandal that led to the resignation of Roger Ailes, a former Fox leader close to Trump. Ailes resigned in the summer of 2016 just two days after Kelly had publicly admitted Ailes had sexually harassed her as well.