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Audi has also installed two in-line nitrous oxide traps as well as a resonator in the exhaust system of its new three-liter, six-cylinder diesel engine. The former provide particularly efficient NOx filtration, the latter guaranteeing a bloody engine sound, while the engine shows 341 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque even more decisively than before. This is not just true on paper: the sporty diesel recreational vehicle accelerates to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds, and its top speed is limited by electronics to 250 km / h.

There are serious technological developments behind the demonstration of strength. For example, aluminum pistons have been replaced with forged steel, for example, to reduce heat loss; the special design of the piston allows faster and more efficient combustion. The solenoid injectors make eight injections in one cycle at an operating pressure of 2,500 bar. The previous air / air intercooler has been replaced with a water / air structure, and as the turbo receives air in a shorter way and the size of the compressor wheel is reduced, the pressure builds up faster. If not, an electric compressor from the 48V mains will help the system.

Mild hibrid 48V

In addition to higher performance, attention has also been paid to reducing consumption: the 48V mild hybrid system produces energy back to the battery with 8 kW of power, the start-stop system can switch off even on the fly and stay on for up to 40 seconds potential savings of up to 0.7 l / 100km. The two SCR filters mentioned above play a role in different operating phases, one of which also serves as a particulate filter. The two filters are served by an imposing 24 liter AdBlue tank. The average fuel consumption is 7.0 l / 100km and NOx emissions are well below the limit required by the latest Euro 6d ISC-FCM AP standard.

This diesel is very sporty, very clean 3

The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, with the all-wheel drive system providing 60 percent of the torque by default, but this value can range from 30 to 85 percent. An active differential with torque vector control is also available at the rear. The adaptive shock-absorbing chassis is seated 30 mm (!) From the standard Q5, with a front-to-rear pendulum suspension. The suspension, steering and powertrain settings can be controlled in six modes, if you order air suspension, there will even be a seventh that is specifically designed for the field.

This diesel is very sporty, very clean 4

In terms of equipment, the lights are LED at the front (optional matrix LED design), and OLED light sources are available at a surcharge at the rear.

The base color of the cabin is black or gray, the sills are illuminated, and the Alcantara seat upholstery is replaced by microfiber Dinamica upholstery made of recycled plastic. A massage program can also be ordered for the seat, the decorative inserts can be requested in carbon and piano lacquer instead of aluminum.

The boot has 520/1520 liters and a maximum towable weight of 2400 kg.

This diesel is very sporty, very clean 5



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