Attorney claims House GOP disregarded Capitol Police’s request to review January 6 public footage.

The department is typically hesitant to disagree with House leaders, as it relies on the majority party for its budget and is responsible for protecting its members.

Last month, Republicans began requesting access to the same footage that the Jan.6 select committee had already obtained. Tim Monahan, who serves as chief aide to Speaker Kevin McCarthy and staff director for the House Administration Committee, was among those making requests along with Rep. Bryan Steil (R-Wis.), chairman of that panel which oversees Capitol security.

Within days of these requests being made known by DiBiase from Capitol Police Department indicated they set up three terminals in a House office building allowing access to footage while also providing four hard drives received from Democrat-led Jan.6 panel after completing their work.

“At no time were I or anyone else in the Capitol Police notified that anyone other than staff at [the House Administration Committee] would review camera footage,” said DiBiase.

< p Class = " Story-Text_Paragraph" > Later last month media reports suggested Carlson’s producers were granted permission by McCarthy himself but according to Dibiase he learned later Tucker Carlson Show Staff could view any available clip under supervision without physical delivery taking place.

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