The adjective smart has come into our lives like a real whirlwind to revolutionize all areas of our lives. In our homes, it has served to include voice assistants that help us know the news of the day, enjoy our favorite music and even turn on the heating just with our voice. The kitchen has also been fooled by the benefits of this feature that has shown us that robots and small appliances are our allies. It has also found its way into our sports routines with smart watches that help us to keep an exhaustive control of our progress.

Amazon’s revolutionary (and discounted) anti-aging tool for non-botox fans

For this reason, and as expected, the beauty sector has not been able to resist the charms of the era smart and has included (for our benefit) technology in many gadgets to get better results. This is the case of the Foreo Ufo, an intelligent mask applicator that triumphs in the world beauty. And it is not for less, since it is the perfect tool for those who seek effective results and who have little time to devote to their beauty routines. If you have had your eye on this device for a long time, today we bring you great news: Amazon has cut the mini model almost half in price.

And that’s not the best! By purchasing this device, you can take advantage ofr promoting six gift packs of special masks for this smart treatment. Don’t you think it’s time to get your Foreo?

The Foreo Ufo Mini is available in three colors.
The Foreo Ufo Mini is available in three colors.

This tool beauty stands out for performing a professional facial in just 90 seconds. Time during which it applies hyperinfusion technology and LED light therapy to get the most out of the masks that are inserted into it to give the skin the care it needs.

How do I take advantage of the promotion?

In addition to enjoying the 45% discount (with which you can save 80 euros), the purchase of the Foreo Ufo Mini includes a very useful gift with which we can release this beauty gadget from the moment we receive it at home. Amazon has activated a very special promotion that consists of receiving a gift from the brand consisting of six packs of masks to be inserted to benefit from the work of this tool that does not stop gaining followers. Of course, to enjoy it you must not forget to click on the promotion and, then, to “Add both to cart”, to ensure that you receive the pack of masks you want (Foreo Call it a Night or Foreo Make my Day) with your Foreo applicator

It should be noted that this promotion not only affects the Mini format, since the classic is also subject to it. Your purchase, although higher (the price of this gadget is 199 euros), includes a gift of ten masks (the same models as the previous ones), and, in the same way, make sure that we have added it to the shopping cart to receive it at home. Ready to show off radiant skin this fall?

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