Finnish defender Atte Ohtamaa scored his first goal of the KHL season on Thursday when Lokomotiv Yaroslavl overthrew Moscow’s Spartak 2-1.

Ohtamaa’s hit was a thumpback, as the national team pack just hit a decisive overtime hit. The entry point received Georgi Ivanov and Artur Kajumov.

Hits were a long wait in the match, as both teams only opened their goal accounts in the final round.

Spartak is one of the teams at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Lokomotiv fourth in a tie with Dinamo Moscow.

Finnish paint

The Finns also got points in Ufa, where Salavat Yulayev faced Sibir Novosibirsk. Finnish striker Juuso Puustinen scored 2 – 0 for the visitors Mikael Ruohimaan from the input.

The match eventually dragged on until the winning goal competition. Puustinen and Ruohomaa both got to try the goal, but Ufa-veskari Aleksandr Skrynnik rejected the companies.

Ufa eventually took a 4-3 win Rodion amirovin thanks to the paint.

Puustinen has scored seven goals in ten matches and made two assists. The Finnish striker is in the fourth levels of the KHL paint exchange, among other things Teemu Hartikainen with.

He has scored ten goals at the top Dimitri Caves.

In addition to Puustinen and Ruohomaa, a Finnish goalkeeper also plays in Siberia Harri Säteri and defender Jyrki Jokipakka. In Ufa, on the other hand, there are four Finnish players and a head coach Tomi Lämsä.