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Six people died and two were seriously injured in a grenade attack to a house in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, the head of the State Prosecutor’s Office, Gerardo Octavio Solís, reported this Friday.

The attack caused the fire in the house, located in the municipality of Tonalá, by the explosion of the grenades or by a shot that hit a gas cylinder, the prosecutor indicated when confirming that only one body has been identified.

Land disputes

He confirmed that inside the house, the authorities found around 200 AK-47 caps, a weapon known as a “goat horn”, as well as others of various caliber, four damaged vehicles, five unexploded grenades and “a large amount” of cash.

According to the first investigations, the attack on the house occurred during the morning of this Friday. The authorities suppose that the attack could have been motivated by a dispute over the sale of ejidal lands (communal property), because this is a region in which this type of land is common.

“The first line of research it would probably be a problem derived from the trafficking of ejido land, this area has traditionally had land conflicts, and from the preliminary information that is available, probably both the cash and the weapons and the events themselves are related to land trafficking, “said Solís. .

Organized crime

The prosecutor added that due to the evidence found inside the attacked house, the possibility of opening a line of investigation related to the attack is not ruled out either. organized crime.

“We do not deny that a long firearm from the “goat horn”, and also three small arms, so probably the line of investigation could be expanded a little more, “he explained.

The experts of the prosecution continue with the work inside the farm to look for elements that contribute information to the investigations. In this region of the country operates mainly the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, one of the largest and most violent criminal organizations in the country.



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