ATP Finals: Daniil Medvedev dominates Novak Djokovic (6-3, 6-3) and qualifies for the semi-finals

The world number 1 has fallen heavily. Opposed to a Daniil Medvedev of the great evenings, Novak Djokovic could not do anything on Wednesday against the Russian, world number 4, and lost in straight sets (6-3 6-3). Thanks to this success, the second in as many games, Medvedev qualified for the semi-finals of the London Masters. The Serb will have to win against Alexander Zverev if he wants to continue his journey in the Final Four.

Resigned, the “Djoker” was it from his first break conceded, in a match that started off on very high bases, promising a serious standoff. In this duel of baseline specialists, there was no round of observation and hostilities were quickly launched. From the first games, a big fight settled between the two players who have already met six times, for four victories in favor of the Serbian in knife matches.

But this time around, the Russian was ruthless with his older brother, for whom he renewed his respect at the end of the match. At 3-3 in the first set, Daniil Medvedev managed to snatch the first break of the match after a Serbian serve over 11 minutes. It was this accomplishment of the Russian that then completely changed the face of the match.

Disillusioned Djokovic

Announced as a shock, both on paper and during the first exchanges, the game quickly turned sour for the world number 1. Faced with an extremely solid opponent in the service (80% of points gained behind his first and 75% behind his second), Djokovic gave up little by little. Unrecognizable in his game, finding no solution against a Medvedev who went as far as to chain seven consecutive games, “Nole” gave up.

The sensation was such that the Serbian seemed to be deliberately slipping away, in order to conserve strength before facing Alexander Zverev in a key qualifying match. The second act was final. Breaked from the start of the second round, Novak Djokovic will only have obtained one break point during the game.

On a cloud since his trophy won at the Rolex Paris Masters, Daniil Medvedev is therefore advancing to the semi-finals, while he left home last year without any victory on the clock. His third and last match in the Tokyo 1970 group against Diego Schwartzman will therefore have no consequences for the rest of his tournament. But the current good momentum of the Russian allows him to dream of an epic Davydenko.

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