One of the last, and unexpected, pumps of the transfer market was one of the essentials of the Atlético de Madrid as the protagonist: Thomas Partey.

In England they opened the day by ensuring that the Arsenal had noticed the Ghanaian to join their ranks and they have not taken long to pay 50 million euros of its termination clause. The Spanish club confirmed it in a brief statement on the verge of the market closing.

Although the operation is, economically, round for Atlético, less so sportingly. Thomas has grown under Simeone to the point of becoming a key figure in the scheme. His possible departure would be mitigated, in part, with the arrival of Lucas Torreira, with which he did not count Mikel Arteta and that he had already been in Madrid for a few days.

The rojiblanca fans has received this news with anger, since they consider Thomas as non-transferable. The lack of agreement between the player and the club to improve their economic conditions caused great discomfort in the footballer, since he was one of the lowest paid on the staff despite being one of those who play the most.

The departure (Arsenal has already been tempting him for several markets) of Thomas places Atlético in a complex situation, given that the work it does of containment and support above is incomparable to what it can give, at least in the short term, a Torreira that remains to be seen how it adapts.

Given the relevance of Thomas in the mattress club, they would still have a month to find a replacement for him … with limitations. They can only search in Spanish LaLiga or among players without a team, as the competition establishes in its regulations: if there is a transfer on the last day, the term is extended.

One of the options that have been opened is to José Campaña, from Levante, which is in Madrid concentrated with the Spanish team. The granota club asks for 30 million, although it rejected 15 from Leeds a few days ago.