Atlético de Madrid scored two points in Moscow by drawing 1-1 against Russian Lokomotiv despite having multiple chances in the second half, in which the Russian-Brazilian goalkeeper Guilherme saved several shots from Portuguese Joao Félix.

The Spanish team was unable despite dominating throughout the second half to break 1-1 at halftime, which was reached with an initial goal by Uruguayan José María Giménez with a header in the 18th minute, tied by Russian Anton Miranchuk in the 25 penalty, per hand within the area of ​​Mexican Héctor Herrera.

Joao Félix’s state of grace was not enough for him to be able to see the door again with a goal that broke the tie in favor of the rojiblancos. Of course, the Portuguese was the one who generated the most from Simeone’s side, offering a great repertoire of dribbles, centers and shots that unfortunately were worthless.

Despite the draw, the rojiblancos showed a good image, far from the leaden attacks and their inability to open closed defenses as in previous matches. However, he continues to watch the shadow of his problem with the goal, in a game in which the Moscow goal was threatened on several occasions, but which ended with a single unit on his scoreboard.