“Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ protests: Essential information on the violent situation to be aware of”

In Atlanta, Georgia, protests have taken a turn for the worse as violence erupted at the site labeled “Cop City” where plans are underway to construct a new police training center. On Sunday, a group of demonstrators were detained after clashing with authorities, resulting in charges of domestic terrorism for 23 individuals. So what is the root of these protests? The Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, a project that was granted the green light in 2021, has become a sticking point for those worried about the militarization of police and its impact on the environment. Despite a variety of interests amongst protestors, the Atlanta Police Department Chief, Darin Schierbaum, denounced the incident as an “an attempt to destabilize” and “very violent attack.” With further demonstrations on the horizon, politicians have vowed to take action, although opinions are divided. Some call to drop domestic terrorism charges against those detained, whilst others, such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, have pointed fingers at Antifa, declaring their intent to declare them a terrorist organization.

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