At what time Diego Maradona died and what the nurse who cared for him said in his last morning: new data from the investigation

The word of the person who was in charge of the Ten’s medical care was known.

In the midst of the investigation into the death of Diego Armando Maradona, new data were known regarding the exact time of death and the words of the nurse who took care of him in his last morning.

According to judicial sources, the nurse, whose identity was not revealed, stated that his shift ended at 6.30 on Wednesday and that, before leaving, He checked Ten and had vital signs.

From there and until 12 noon, it was the nurse’s turn to accompany the world star, who had already given testimony and pointed out that the last person who had seen Maradona was his nephew Jony, on Tuesday at 23.

Thus, the new data contradict those first versions that indicated that 12 hours had passed without anyone having assisted who was the coach of Gimnasia de La Plata.

It was also learned that, when the forensics arrived at 16, the body temperature indicated that death was at 12, which was later confirmed by autopsy.

In the testimony of the nurse to the Prosecutor’s Office, it was also indicated that her nephew, her assistant, an employee hired for her physical security, a nurse and a cook were in the house.

Later, at 11:30 a.m., the deceased’s personal psychologist and psychiatrist arrived, who entered the room first. They spoke verbally, but Maradona, who appeared to be asleep, did not respond.

The nephew and the assistant were called to try to wake him up and without observing, in principle, the existence of vital signs, they requested the presence of the nurse and the psychiatrist who performed unsuccessful CPR maneuvers.

Immediately afterwards, they called for ambulances from different providers and a surgeon from the neighborhood also approached, who continued with the resuscitation maneuvers.

Then, the ambulances arrived in charge of the clinical doctor of the medical provider. He continued with the maneuvers and applied adrenaline and atropine vials, finally confirming the death.

Throughout the night of this Thursday, testimonies with calls to 911, cameras and others will be intertwined, to polish the sequence well, while waiting for the results for this Friday.

News in development.



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