at the cinema in 2021 for 99 euros instead of 199

Strong initiative of The Space Cinema looking to 2021: for the Black Weekend from today 27 November until 29, The Space Pass to watch any movie at the cinema for a year costs only 99 euros instead of 199. The Space Pass will be active from the day of reopening of your cinema.

The circuit The Space Cinema launches a strong and concrete initiative taking advantage of the Black Friday, looking to the cinematic future of 2021: The Space Pass, the subscription to watch any movie during the year, for the Black Weekend from today Friday 27 until Sunday 29 November it will cost only 99 euro instead of the usual 199. A powerful signal that meets the desire for cinema that in fans has never fallen asleep and is only waiting for the reopening of the theaters, with a 2021 that promises blockbusters like Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow, No Time to Die, Top Gun Maverick, Minions 2, Spider-Man 3 e Fast & Furious 9.
The Space Pass solution (which includes 3D projections and demonstrations) follows the same reasoning as popular streaming platforms for movies, TV series and music, aligning our country with similar initiatives already active in France, Germany, United States, England, Holland and Belgium: it is a question of facilitating and encouraging accessibility tocinematic experience. You can purchase The Space Pass at The Space Cinemas official website.
Andrea De Candido, head of marketing of The Space Cinema, comments on the proposal as follows:

In this moment of stasis and waiting, we want to send a message of optimism, a stimulus for the public a look to the future with confidence. With this initiative we appeal to all spectators who look forward to the back to the room. We look forward to a bright future for the film industry. […] We look forward to reopening as soon as possible and we work enthusiastically for the return of the public to the cinema, aware that our screens offer communities and local economies much more than just the opportunity to see a new movie.


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