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It happened in the city of Nice, on the French Riviera. There are several injured.

A new terrorist knife attack in Nice left three people dead, decapitated and several slightly injured this morning in the Catholic basilica of Notre Dame. The author was arrested by the police, questioned and taken to hospital, injured. President Emmanuel Macron travels to the site, in southern France.

According to the first information, at nine in the morning (French time) the attacker entered the Notre Dame basilica, in the heart of Nice with a knife. At least one woman and two men were beheaded at the hands of the suspect, in this new attack that horrifies the country, which enters this morning in total confinement for a month due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the second terrorist attack in Nice since a truck vibrated on the Promenade des Anglais on July 14, 2016, killing more than 86 people and injuring 456.

The Nice authorities are careful about the details of the crime, but admit that the same method was used that the Chechen terrorist applied on Professor Samuel Paty last week.

“I am at the scene with the national police and the municipal police who have questioned the author of the attack. I confirm that everything suggests a terrorist attack inside the Notre Dame basilica ”, wrote the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, on his Twitter account

“My first words are of compassion for the victims and for the parish community of Notre Dame and the Nicois who are shocked by emotion. Nice, as in France, today is in train to pay a very heavy tribute. We are once again victims of Islamofascism, ”said the mayor.

Estrosi assured that the terrorist shouted “”Allah is big” several times when he was being medicalized. “It is the time to thank the forces of order and put an end to fascism Islam. All the churches are going to be closed as well as the other places of worship to secure all the places,” he said.

Fifteen days after the beheading of Professor Samuel Paty for showing the cartoons of the Prophet Mohamad, in full boycott of the Muslim countries to France for considering the republication of the cartoons a blasphemy and with a series of crises between Turkey and France on the subject, this new terrorist attack worries the country. France was on alert for a severe attack again and heavily patrolled by the military and soldiers for a week.

The author was arrested 10 minutes later by the municipal police with bullets. Then a detonation was heard, which so far is inexplicable. The security forces are looking inside the basilica, on Jacques Medecin avenue, a tribute to its former mayor, if there are more victims or people in hiding. The whole area is sealed.

The prime minister, Jean Castex, left the National Assembly, where the new confinement that begins this morning was being discussed, and went to the crisis cell of the Interior Ministry. A minute of silence was adopted in the National Assembly before the debate on the confinement.

The Nice authorities had warned Catholic churches that there were threats of attacks. Gil Florini, priest of Nice Center, admitted it to BFMTV.

Deputy Eric Ciotti announced that “very serious events are currently unfolding near the church of Notre Dame de Nice. Hold the security forces. Avoid the sector, ”he wrote on Twitter.

France had been threatened with Thabat, a terrorist organization close to Al Qaeda, which denounced the publication of the Prophet’s cartoons as blasphemous to Islam. The threat was on the whole country and especially the places of worship.



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