Armed clashes took place for hours between attackers and security forces inside the country’s largest university, the Afghan Interior Ministry said.

“Three attackers are involved. One of them detonated the cargo he was carrying at the beginning of the attack, and two were shot dead by security forces, “said a spokesman for the ministry, Tariq Arian.

The Taliban have assured that they are not involved in this assault.

The attack took place as government officials arrived on campus to inaugurate an Iranian book fair, said Hamid Obaidi, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education.

Armed men stormed the campus, fleeing hundreds of people. Some tried to climb the enclosure wall to escape the shootings.

Afghan security forces then surrounded the sector, blocking all roads to the university, according to witnesses.

Students recounted the chaos and confusion caused by the assault.

“I was studying in a classroom when I suddenly heard gunfire erupting in the university,” said 23-year-old Fraidoon Ahmadi, who said he had been stranded along with several other students for more than two years. hours before he was saved.

“We were very scared and we thought it might be the last day of our lives (…). Girls and boys were shouting, praying and asking for help. “