At least 17 dead and 25 injured when a truck overturned in Nicaragua

At least 17 people died and another 25 were injured after the overturning of a truck loaded with peasants in a rural community in the northern Caribbean of Nicaragua, recently hit by hurricanes Eta and Iota, authorities reported.

The truck overturned into an abyss by a mechanical failure on a stretch of highway in the Ocote Tuma region, in the municipality of Waslala, in the Northern Caribbean Autonomous Region (RACN), about 239 kilometers from Managua, according to the police report.

“17 people died, including 12 women (one of them a girl) and five men, “said the National Police. Likewise, 25 people were injured, who were transferred to the hospital in the Waslala municipality, he added.

The victims were traveling in a truck that functions as a passenger transport from Waslala to a rural community, with capacity for 70 people, according to the information.

The mayor of Waslala, Germán Vargas, told La Nueva Radio Ya that four of the injured are in serious condition. These four wounded were to be intubated, said one of the directors of the Matagalpa hospital, Erasmo Jarquín.

The images published on social networks about the deceased are so strong that the media have had to hide identity of the victims.

Waslala is one of the eight municipalities that belongs to the RACN, the area most affected by hurricanes Eta and Iota, that on November 3 and 16, respectively, it was hit by both cyclones in category 4 of the Saffir-Simpson scale (out of a maximum of 5).



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