At 9 months of pregnancy, Sthefany Brito opts for trousseau for up to 6 months. Find out!

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About to give birth to her first child, Sthefany Brito has already revealed that she gained more than 10 kilos with the pregnancy of Antonio Enrico and used her social network to tell that she chose not to do a long-term layette for the boy, the result of her marriage with Igor Raschkovsky. “I don’t have a closet in Enrico’s room. It’s just a very large dresser with very wide drawers, which you can store a lot of things in. And I didn’t do the layette for him, like until a year. I know why, but I didn’t want to do it “, said Donatella’s interpreter of the soap opera” Amor Sem Igual “, whose unpublished chapters will be shown again in 12 days.

Sthefany’s son only has trousseau until 6 months

Still in the conversation with her followers, the actress who has compared herself to “Grávida de Taubaté” by the size of her belly did not find a reason to have organized a leaner layette. “I don’t know why. I just thought I didn’t have to do it for so long,” he continued, adding that the boy’s clothes only last until six months. “And also because I don’t have all that space to store clothes. So I did it until I was six months old. Then he won’t have clothes,” joked Sthefany, who recently traded a house for an apartment. “Mommy will have to move to update,” continued the artist in love with pets.

Sthefany plans to donate her son’s clothes, Enrico

With plans to get her son a tattoo, the actress added that she plans to renovate the boy’s closet. “The idea is to always update instead of having a lot of things saved. It is to take away what he no longer uses, donate what Enrico no longer uses and put the little things he is using instead,” he explained. In the videos Sthefany took the opportunity to show the pieces organized and separated on a dresser.

Sthefany reacted to the question involving pets and her son

When opening a question box in her Stories, Sthefany didn’t like a follower question. The internet user questioned whether she would donate her pets if Antonio Enrico had an allergy to dog hair. “I don’t know and I won’t even think about it now … But under no circumstances will my dogs ever leave my house,” he said. If my son has a dog allergy, I will seek help and do what is best for him and the dogs. Because dogs are also my children. So thank you very much for the excessive concern that you are having if my son is going to be allergic to dogs or not “, she said.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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