At 86, Sophia Loren returns to the movies … through Netflix

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The Italian actress will be the star of “La vita davanti a se”, which will hit the platform on November 13, after its premiere in Rome. This is the third time it has been directed by her son, Edoardo Ponti.

At 86, and after eleven years of absence from the screen, Sophia Loren returns to the cinema. She is the protagonist of Life ahead of him (the literal translation is The life ahead), led by his son, Edoardo Ponti, which will premiere on November 13 on Netflix.

Loren plays Madame Rosa, who in the original novel was a Jewish Holocaust survivor who helped raise orphans of sex workers. With them, sometime, he had made the street: women murdered at the hands of Hitler and Mussolini’s troops.

Madame Rosa welcomes the boys into her apartment, and in this new version he strikes a particular friendship with Momo, a twelve-year-old Senegalese orphan who tries to steal a chandelier.

The film is set in the present, in the southern Italian port city of Bari. Despite his age, Loren endured ten-hour filming days a day. During filming, he noted that the role was allowing him to express things on screen in a way that audiences, judged, “will find very surprising.”

Last year, the Italian film diva was filming around this time and a premiere was expected in March 2020, but everything was delayed due to the pandemic.

Life ahead of him is the second film adaptation of the novel by the French Romain Gary, winner in 1975 of the prestigious Goncourt Prize.

The first was a call as the main character, Madame Rosa, with the leading role in charge of Simone Signoret. It was directed by Moshe Mizrahi and won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1978.

After its premiere in Rome in October, a month later the movie will hit Netflix. Just as he did with other previous own productions, such as Roma o The Irish, the streaming giant will start a campaign so that Life ahead of him sea one of the sensations of the awards season.

Loren won her first Oscar in 1961 for her work on Two womenby Vittorio De Sica, in which it was the first award the Hollywood Academy awarded for a performance in a film not spoken in English. Three decades later, he was awarded a second Oscar, this time honorary, for “a rich career, with memorable performances that added a permanent luster to our art.”

The actress said that now she took the opportunity to play this character, who reminds her of her own mother. It is the third time you have worked under your son’s orders: the first was in 2002, in Between Strangers, and the second in 2014, in the short The human voice, based on the famous work of Jean Cocteau.

Edoardo Ponti, 46, is the second child that the Italian film diva had with the director Carlo Ponti, to whom she was married between 1966 and 2007, when he died. In statements to Deadline, about this new movie, Ponti said this version is very different from the 1977 one.

In addition, he opined that her mother is “a survivor, a classy woman in the best sense of the word”. He also indicated that the role would give him the opportunity to show a previously unexplored acting facet: “Sophia Loren never did roles in which she loses her mind, where she suffers a kind of mental paralysis.”

Loren’s last performance was in the TV movie My house is full of mirrors (My house is full of mirrors), from 2010, an autobiographical drama adapted from a book written by the diva’s sister, Anna Maria Scicolone. A year earlier she had played the mother of Daniel Day Lewis’s character in Nine, by Rob Marshall, a kind of homage to Federico Fellini.


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