Customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa who purchase an eligible ProArt product will receive a six-month subscription to Nucoda software (worth 4,150 Euros) and 60 days of access to the Filmworkz toolkit (worth 110 Euros). euro).

DVW works with content creators and TV and film studios, providing them with Digital Vision Optics (DVO) and color enhancement tools that help post-production professionals transpose their vision.

From October 28, 2020 to March 28, 2021, each purchase of eligible ProArt products from Europe, the Middle East and Africa includes DVW software in the package, with a six-month subscription to Nucoda software and 60 days access to Filmworkz tools. DVW software and Filmworkz tools are worth 4,260 euros. The Filmworkz toolkit includes DVO Clarity, DVO Sharpen, DVO Regrain RGB, DVO Chroma, DVO Pixel and DVO Brickwall.

Eligible products are ASUS ProArt PA and PQ monitor series (PA24AC, PA27AC, PA248QV, PA278QV, PA27UCX-K, PA329C, PA32UC-K, PA32UCX-K, PA32UCX-PK, PA34VC, PQ22UC), ASUS ProArt Z4 motherboards CREATOR10G and the ASUS ProArt PA90 Mini PC.

The ProArt range provides professionals and everyday users with comprehensive digital solutions to help maximize creative potential. With the launch of the first ProArt monitor in 2011, the ProArt range has evolved continuously to meet the requirements of professionals and content creators such as photography and videography, as well as 3D designers, game developers and other disciplines.

ProArt monitors feature color accuracy, factory pre-calibration and comprehensive connections, making them suitable for any creative flow.

ProArt Z490-CREATOR motherboards deliver optimal performance for content creators and include key features such as graphics expansion, ideal connectivity with Thunderbolt 3 ports, 10-gigabit Ethernet and reliable reliability.

ASUS announces that the ProArt package is available in the EMEA region

ASUS Mini PC ProArt PA90 addresses the specific requirements of content creators, providing stable performance for CAD (computer aided design) and other content creation activities.