The DXOMARK Mobile Camera score for ZenFone 7 Pro includes sub-scores of 122 in the Photo category and 100 in the Video category. Its outstanding front-camera performance allowed the ZenFone 7 Pro to score 104 DXOMARK Selfies for selfie photos and a first-place finish in video selfie tests with a score of 96.

In the DXOMARK review, the ZenFone 7 Pro was praised for its precise exposure and high level of detail. For photos captured with the main camera, DXOMARK noted that the ZenFone 7 Pro “… scored perfectly on the autofocus test, focusing quickly and accurately in any lighting conditions.” For selfie photos taken with the camera in the front position, the review stated that “the camera’s large image sensor helps capture excellent details and textures for a front camera. The image noise is very well controlled on the subject’s physiognomy and is visible. only in the background elements of a scene “.

ZenFone 7 Pro also got good results in the Video category, especially in the video selfie section. DXOMARK noted that the selfie videos made with ZenFone 7 Pro demonstrated “… excellent rendering of textures and details and good exposure to very low lighting levels …”.

The ZenFone 7 series was built with the unique Flip Camera triple camera system. This module includes a 64 MP Sony IMX686 wide-angle camera, an ultra-wide 12 MP Sony IMX363 camera and a telephoto camera with an optical zoom of up to 3X. ZenFone 7 also offers an industry-leading feature, 8K video recording at 30 FPS with EIS capabilities, for ultra-high resolutions and stable video recording performance. Flip Camera includes many unique features, including Free-angle mode, which allows users to easily create images captured from special angles, Auto Panorama for motorized panoramic images that avoid blurred images and Motion Tracking video.

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