The British Pharmacist AstraZeneca confirmed this kind of Friday that it will begin “soon” to review the combination from his Covid-19 vaccine with the Russian preparation, Sputnik V, in order to intensify its usefulness.

Illa assures that the vaccines from Covid will be “safe” and that they appear in Spain in “less than a month”

In a statement published on its web site, the pharmaceutical company stresses the fact that “being able to combine different vaccines against Covid-19 could be helpful regarding better protection and / or improved accessibility of the vaccine “.

The pharmaceutical drug giant, which develops the injection conceived at the University of Oxford, also indicates that it is “important to learn different combinations of vaccines that helps make immunization programs more flexible, letting scientists greater choice when applying vaccines “, as well as for improve “long-term immunity”.

Improve accessibility

In the be aware, AstraZeneca admits that “it is obvious that to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, more than one vaccine will be needed” and recalls that the British government recently announced that it will begin a professional medical trial in which adenovirus vaccines will likely be combined with others with mRNA technology.

The British firm also a professional how you can evaluate combinations heterologous several vaccines, while working with partners coming from industry, governments and research corporations around the world, according to his note.

He also corroborates that “he will begin to explore with the Russian Company Gamaleya Research Institute to understand no matter if two adenovirus-based vaccines can be profitable when combined. ”

“Assessing several types of COVID-19 vaccines combined could help unlock synergies in protection and enhance the accessibility of the vaccine and could supply an additional approach in helping to get over this deadly virus, “says typically the drugmaker.

November petition

For their element, typically the scientists who have developed the Russian preparation believe that this combination could very well “intensify efficiency” of the medicine.

In this sense, last month Russian authorities urged AstraZeneca in a message submitted to Twitter to test the combination.

In their message published in late December, the Russian scientists noted: “If (AstraZeneca) conducts a new clinical test, we suggest trying a combination strategy of the AZ injection using the injection of the human adenoviral vector #SputnikV to increase the efficacy “.