The pandemic and social distancing led to an exponential increase in exports, and motorsport competitions took advantage of this by organizing virtual races between riders and even a 24-hour simulation of the famous race of the same duration at Le Mans. Aston Martin it is the last name that wants to find a place in the market of racing simulators, but planning to build one for the rich.

The $ 74,000 simulator will be “the pinnacle of luxury esports experiences,” according to Aston Martin. ARM-C01 is the name of the simulator, which is built to resemble Aston Martin racing cars, while the technology behind it is made in collaboration with the British company Curv Racing.

The position of the seat and the front are made to resemble those of an Aston Martin Valkyrie, while the entire simulator has a carbon fiber frame. “It was a challenge for the design team because even though it’s not a car, it’s inspired by our racing cars,” said Marek Reichman, Creative Officer for Aston Martin. “I can already imagine the ARM-C01 in the most beautiful homes, like a true work of art,” Reichman added.

Aston Martin is building a $ 74,000 racing simulator

The price is exactly as for a work of art – $ 74,000, and the company will build only 150 such simulators, which will reach the owners by the end of this year.