It is no news that the English company that supplies the cars for James Bond, Aston Martin, joined a few years ago with the team of Formula 1, Red Bull Racing, known on the grid for their approach to aerodynamics, at the hands of the legend Adrian Newy.

He Aston Martin Valkyrieliterally a car of Formula 1 for the streets, it will go down in history as one of the most iconic vehicles for its unorthodox way of handling airflow, and elements never before seen in legal cars on any road.

As it was expected, Aston Martin did not just stay with him Valkyrie as a holy grail of what could be achieved when there are no budget limits, and, with this in mind, they presented two new models that follow the line and mentality of the Valkyrie but, they will be relatively more accessible, if we can say that.

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Aston Martin bets on innovative designs

First, there is the Aston Martin Valhalla, previously presented as the AM-RB003, a hypercar of around a million and a half dollars and that will only offer 500 units.

With a construction exclusively made of carbon fiber and a motor v6 hybrid inspired by the current power plants of the Formula 1 (Given the combination of electric motors, turbo chargers, batteries and internal combustion engine, the most correct thing to do is to use the word power plant since, strictly speaking, the engine itself is only the internal combustion section).

Aston Martin did not reveal any more data about the power plant, but we can expect a number between 900 and 800 horsepower, thus putting it in a very special place to compete against cars like the McLaren Senna. However, it was revealed that it will be a conventional hybrid as opposed to one plug in in which the electrical system can be recharged independently.

Of what we do have data, it is about the cabin, although we could not say that it will be austere, given the high quality of materials for which Aston Martin is known.

In the same way, we are certain of a central screen located on the steering wheel, although the Valhalla It does not have entertainment systems or climate controls, it simply has a central support for smartphones from which all passenger systems will be controlled through an app.

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He Aston Martin Vanquish has been the flagship of the brand for several decades, being immortalized in films such as Tomorrow Never Dies, with such a classic silhouette, which is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the English manufacturer; Front engine with a long hood, luxurious full cabin and unmatched comfort for long distance high speed travel.

The mark will give a 180 degree turn to the Vanquish in this new version, literally moving the engine behind the driver and radically changing the car’s silhouette.

There is not much more information about this model, since it will be available until 2023, but what we do know is that, unlike Valkyrie and the Valhalla, this new Vanquish will be fully developed by Aston Martin, without the help of Red Bull Racing.

In addition, it will feature a hybrid v6, with a capacity of around 700 horsepower and the chassis will be built in aluminum, probably to reduce the high costs of the carbon fiber construction, as it is expected that the Vanquish is priced around $ 300,000, a range where it will have high competition from other vehicles like the McLaren 720s and the Ferrari F8 Tributo