Asparagus, the most viral episode of Alf: why it is still valid 33 years after its broadcast

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Of the more than 100 episodes that fiction had, that one has become the favorite of the fans who continue to fill the networks with photos and memes. There are even allusive tattoos.

Alf premiered in the United States on September 22, 1986 and ended on March 24, 1990. Later, in our country and in the world, it continued to be repeated and became one of the most popular series. Gordon Shumway, the extraterrestrial nicknamed Alf, hairy and unpunished, stole the hearts of adults and children to the point that it is still valid.

The word Alf comes from the phrase Alien Life Form (Extraterrestrial life form). In Spanish it was translated as “fantastic distant amorphism”.

The creature arrives from Melmac by an explosion on his planet and accidentally lands on the house of the Tanners, an American middle class family that ends up adopting him as one more member.

Willie (Max Wright) and Kate (Anne Schedeen) end up giving in and put him in the same house where they raise their children Lynn (Andrea Elson) and Brian (Benji Gregory). Alf will make life impossible for them. His biggest obsession: going after Suertudo, the family cat.

There is one episode of the 102 existing in the four years that has gone viral over the years. It is perhaps the most popular or commented chapter of this fiction and is called It Isn’t Easy … Bein’ Green, It’s not easy being green. Refers to asparagus. The title refers to the song by Kermit The Frog (Kermit the Frog).

Written by Wendy Graf & Lisa Stotsky, That hilarious episode first aired on March 30, 1987. We see Alf helping his little “human brother” Brian, when he has to act pretending to be an asparagus in his school play.

Out of tune, Brian and his friend Spencer practice a lyrics at home that Willie composes on the piano. “Asparagus, asparagus, are served on the table, asparagus, highlight your beauty”, Is heard in an absurd attempt at rhyme, in what would be a hyper-repeated scene and later reproduced on Instagram, Twitter and even Tik Tok.

On the night of the performance, Brian decides he doesn’t want to perform until Alf hands him a lucky tooth. The child’s father will explain that courage comes from within and not from a lucky charm.

According to the US media, the chapter was burned into so many children because In this way, many parents managed to get their children to incorporate asparagus into their diet. It is difficult for those who grew up with Alf not to refer to that memory and hum the little song when they buy or prepare that vegetable.

Many famous chefs also appeal to the memory of that episode when choosing asparagus for their menu. Even there are restaurants that use Alf’s face on posters promoting asparagus-based dishes. The greatest madness: tattoos of Alf dressed asparagus.

Last year the news that came from the boy of the series Benji Gregory they caused a stir in the world. At the age of 42, retired and disappointed in TV, it is difficult to recognize him as that cute little boy.

The actor decided to stay away from flashes in his teens. He studied Art at the University of San Francisco, California and in 2003, at age 25, he enlisted in the United States Navy.

In January 2005 he left the Navy due to health problems. “I would love to be an actor again, but it’s too late,” he once commented.

“When Alf was canceled it was a relief. I didn’t want to do any more shows, but I don’t regret anything.“Benji said a few years ago in an interview.”I finished the recordings very tired, on top of that the boys my age were envious of me and they ended up bullying me. Sometimes they even hit me “, confessed.

In June 2016, Michu Meszaros, the actor inside the Alf doll, died. Born in Budapest, he was 83 centimeters tall and his health worsened after suffering a stroke.

What happened to the life of Lynn Tanner (Andrea Elson in real life) Brian’s sister? She also retired from acting and decided to live a life more linked to spirituality, yoga and meditation.


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