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Asks the Clan to love their new farmer: – Has lifted a lot of hay bales


VALLE (VG) Vålerenga’s bohemian team from the 1960s had “Bonden” in goalkeeper Helge Sørlie. This year’s VIF edition has now got a new one with Henrik Bjørdal (23) – according to Jonatan Tollås Nation (30).

“Bonden Bjørdal” blew out of the starting block as a Vålerenga player and was everywhere in the 5-1 overtaking of Brann.

It was returnee Vidar Örn Kjartansson who stole most of the attention

, but Dag-Eilev Fagermo’s second summer signing was marked by marathon fitness, strength as a wrestler and a striking ability to always be playable for teammates.

VG Live:

Vålerenga captain Jonatan Tollås Nation has the explanation, thanks to local knowledge from the duo’s common origins from Sunnmøre.

– He was fantastic. Both on defensive set piece, he creates chances on offensive set piece and has insane running power. He grew up in the country and is actually a farmer. Accustomed to running around the farm a lot and has lifted a lot of hay bales up through, Jonatan Tollås Nation describes about his old teammate in Aalesund. Now they are reunited in Oslo East.

– It’s just taking him to heart, is the almost lyrical call from Vålerenga captain to the fans.

Maybe the Clan has got “Farmer II” in its new midfield giant. Helge Sørlie, legendary goalkeeper from the 1960s, is the original – and according to Vålerenga scientist and football expert Bengt Eriksen it was because Sørlie was “born in the country” and appeared as an immigrant at Vålerenga school with expressions such as “I” and “not ».

There was no need for more to become “The Farmer”, and he also became known for allegedly having his heart “taped” after complaining of chest pain before a match.

Henrik Bjørdal certainly appears a little unsure of the question of whether he is the farmer himself. The clan must learn to love. Vålerenga’s supporters have been singing about farmers for years, but rarely in a positive way.

To the teammate’s description, he reacts as follows:

– Tollås is from the middle of Ålesund and lived in Oslo for a few years and has become a little high on himself. But Valderøya – it’s nice out there, says Bjørdal about his own hometown.


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