As in a state of emergency: The government is preparing to close restaurants and bars again. Where will it happen

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The government is preparing to close restaurants and bars again due to the high number of infections in recent days. It is the second day in a row that the number of new coronavirus cases exceeds 2,000.

The government wants to take drastic measures to limit the spread of the new type of virus. Prime Minister Ludovic Orban claims that he is considering closing places where the infection rate is high. In this situation is also the city of Bucharest, but in the case of the Capital, decisions could be made only for certain sectors.

One thing is clear, however, as stated by the head of government. In the localities where the percentage of infections is exceeded, it will be decided to restrict the activity.

The government is preparing to close bars and restaurants again

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that in the localities where it will be found that the percentage of COVID infections has been exceeded, compared to the one established by the authorities, they will decide that, for a while, the activity of the restaurants will be restricted.

“In those localities where the percentage is exceeded, which is set at 1.5%, the decision will be taken that, for a period, until the percentage falls below 1.5%, to restrict the activity. The National Committee for Emergency Situations has attributions for the imposition of restrictions at national level. According to the Government Decision on extending the alert status, based on the CNSU proposal, the decisions are taken at county level or, respectively, at the level of Bucharest, at the municipal level, the Municipal Committee for Emergency Situations in Bucharest. (…) There is a certain concern. Now, I must tell you that in epidemiological investigations, based on the data provided to me by the Ministry of Health, not necessarily going to a restaurant under normal conditions is the one that leads to increased risk of transmission, but events – weddings, baptisms … Because here the reality is that the rules, the maximum number of people, the distance and so on are not followed. At weddings, being happy events, people ignore the normal rules “, said Orban.

The Prime Minister specified, when asked about the Capital, that “this possible evaluation is also under discussion, to differentiate the cases by sectors”, but added that “Bucharest itself is Bucharest, the transition from one sector to another is very frequent “.

Restaurants and bars were also closed at the beginning of the pandemic. Under pressure from HoReCa employers, however, the decision was made to reopen them, when the situation was not as serious as it is now.


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