What a surprise!

The post office had brought the middle school To Tomi Lindblom favorite mail. Lived in the early 1980s, a time before the internet and cell phones.

– The envelope contained newspaper clippings with Sean Conneryn autographs. The movie star had sent them directly from Marbella, Spain, where he lived in Casa Malibu. He was a familiar sight on local golf courses.

Even so familiar that the filmmakers of Uuno Turhapuro collided with him in the filming of Uuno Epsanjassa in 1985, Iltalehti said earlier.

Lindblom had figured out Connery’s Spanish home address through his autograph collection hobby, which he had begun as a collector of athletes ’autographs.

He was a member of an international industry association operating in the United States. The member magazine covered the world of autographs extensively: it also revealed the “more secret” home addresses of public figures.

Lindblom sent Finnish Connery-themed newspaper clippings to that address – and now they had come back, with a few weeks’ delay. In addition to newspaper clippings, Connery also signed her Bond photo.

Connery’s films were familiar to teenage Lindblom, who closely followed the world of entertainment and later made it an adult profession for himself as a journalist.

Of the Bonds, just Connery and Roger Moore were genuine to him. The young man’s mind was fascinated by the adventures and special inventions of the films.

– Connery conveyed a sophisticated style and also had a twinkle in the corner of his eye. He was a rare star in the sense that he answered his mail himself. There seems to be quite limited fan mail coming into Marbella’s home.

Lindblom says that most of the time the stars of the big world were content with just printed autograph cards. Especially if you sent fan mail to the Hollywood addresses of the stars.

However, the late Connery was in a different country than most in responding to the fan mail. He was one of the stars who started his day answering his admirer post, Lindblom says.