The cuts in football clubs by the impact of the pandemic they continue to happen in all the major leagues. Now Arsenal has decided to fire his pet, ‘Gunnersaurus’, in the absence of public in the stadium.

The man behind the dinosaur, Jerry Quy, had been cheering on ‘Gunners’ fans since 1993, so it puts end of 23 years linked to the London club.

These are tough times for everyone and even the big clubs have been forced to cut costs. However, the goodbye of ‘Gunnersaurus’ has not pleased the Arsenal fans at all, who They have shown their dissatisfaction with the measure on social networks.

Some British newspapers, such as the Daily Mail, have pointed out that Quy was so loyal to his work that even he missed his brother’s wedding to fulfill his role as a pet and from the newspaper they wonder what sense it makes to fire him when players like Özil, which barely counts for Arteta, earns around £ 350,000 a week.