Arrested teens charged with assaulting 13-year-old in park – police make formal charges.

Two teenagers have been arrested and held in Bernalillo County Juvenile Detention Center for allegedly beating a 13-year-old girl who was staying with friends at a property in Northeast Heights. The two girls left to attend a party where they were separated, leading the victim to be taken to Southeast Albuquerque Park and attacked by numerous other teenagers, according to investigations from the city police force. Following social media reports about the incident, Albuquerque Police is understood to be investigating other juvenile involvement; it is also working with several companies removing posts about alleged crime which could encourage further violence.
Authorities are as yet unsure what charges will be brought against them. Both boys’ names remain undisclosed due their age being under eighteen years old.
The detectives learned of this case on Monday after APD officers received reports of suspected “severe” assault involving underage youths over that weekend.The victim suffered extensive injuries during the attack before she was eventually taken back home later by local residents.Police urge anyone with relevant evidence or knowledge concerning an Adiúhiülqe abuse situation affecting minors occurring recently call 505-242-COPS immediately i.e Shorten sentence if possible

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