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The Mossos d’Esquadra arrested a man this Wednesday for threatening to explode a hand grenade during an eviction in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​which has further obliged to evacuate several neighbors for security reasons.

The events occurred around 06:30 this morning when agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra, by court order, they were going to evict an apartment on Tenor Massini Street in the Sants neighborhood, occupied by two multi-recidivist criminals -two brothers- who accumulate between them 23 police records for robberies with violence in commercial establishments.

During the eviction, a neighbor informed the Mossos that one of the two men who was going to be evicted was on the balcony with a hand grenade threatening to blow it up, Catalan police sources have informed Efe.

Faced with this situation, the TEDAXs have moved to the place of the eviction, mediation has been activated to make the man desist from his threats to explode the hand grenade, and the upstairs neighbors have been evicted for security reasons.

Once the TEDAXs have intercepted the hand grenade, they have placed on it ceramic plates to secure it and have proceeded to perform the necessary checks before removing it safely.

The TEDAXs have verified that it was a real hand grenade, although it was not loaded. The man who threatened to explode this hand grenade, a Spanish national, has been arrested on charges of a crime of threats.

The two brothers who occupied this apartment in Sants are two multi-recurring criminals who accumulate 23 police records between them for robbery with violence in shops. Once the eviction is complete, the apartment has been handed over to its rightful owner.



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