Arrested ‘El Rey’, violent leader of an international network of drug traffickers based in Spain

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Agents of the National Police have participated in the operation that has led to the Romanian Police to stop a violent leader of a criminal organization nicknamed “the King”, “the Emperor” or “Vlad Tepes”, a priority target due to his antecedents and for being in charge drug distribution network throughout Europe, also in Spain.

In the operation, according to the Police, they have dismantled one of the most important cartels in Romania, allegedly involved in the trafficking of narcotic substances throughout Europe, and responsible for numerous large-scale robberies in their country of origin, where they used great violence.

The criminal organization trafficked mainly with heroin, synthetic drugs and cannabis, and had displaced several of its members to Spain in order to establish contacts and acquire narcotic substances to transport them to Romania, from where they would be distributed throughout Europe.

This group was also responsible for the attempt to transport 355 kilograms in buds to other European countries from Toledo. In the operation in Romania, a total of 38.5 kilograms of heroin and 2,479 tablets of MDMA in his possession were intervened.

Brother arrested in a first phase

The leader of the criminal organization, who controlled all the movements that were carried out in Spain and Romania, was a priority target for the Romanian judicial and police authorities. Nicknamed “The Emperor”, the “King” or “Vlad Tepes”, made frequent trips to Spain, spending the night in Galicia or in the Valencian Community, where he had part of his organization based.

During the first phase of the operation, the agents of both police forces realized that the leader’s brother he was commissioned to Spain to establish contacts and strengthen relations aimed at the acquisition of narcotic substances.

During this investigation, he was surprised by the National Police when he came from Romania with a significant quantity of heroin, specifically four kilograms that he intended to sell in Madrid. Were brother arrested of the leader and his lieutenant.

As a result of this intervention, it was possible to discover a location that the organization had in the Toledo urbanization of Calypo-Fado, where, after designing an operational device, it was possible to detect how inside the building there were two other Romanian individuals involved in these events. An important marijuana plantation was also detected in said building, a total of 240 plants being seized.

Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court

Finally, within the framework of this first phase, it was possible to detect the acquisition of 355 kilograms of dried buds of marijuanaand thwart their sale to the Romanian criminal organization and other organizations that intended to sell them in other European countries. Last September 2020, a total of ten people of Spanish nationality were arrested.

Continuing with the investigation, the agents of the National Police and the Romanian Police, in coordination with the Special Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office of the National High Court and the Romanian Special Prosecutor’s Office, intensified the monitoring and controls of the leaders of the criminal organization based in Bucharest.

In this way, in the Romanian province of Ilfov was achieved stop two members of the criminal group while transporting the amount of 2,479 MDMA tablets, of the highest purity, to be distributed on the black market in Bucharest, as well as a handgun.



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