President of the United States Donald Trumpin and the British Ambassador to Washington Kim Darroch an arrest has been made in a dispute between The controversy began when an unknown person ran confidential diplomatic telegrams in which Darroch severely criticized Trump’s ability to serve as president for both his personal qualities and his leadership skills.

The detainee is believed to be an official working for the British Department of International Trade. He was arrested on Tuesday last week after a 15-month investigation had dragged on for a long time. He tells about it Guardian.

Darroch had to resign in July 2019 after confidential telegrams had come to light. Trump had refused to work with Darroch anymore and at the time the British Conservative candidate, now British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to support Darroch.

In the telegrams, Darroch called Trump “incompetent,” “uncertain,” and “incompetent.” After the publication of the telegrams, Trump called Darroch a “stupid guy” and a “pretending fool”.